MacbethShooting the summer of 2017


William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

A longtime staple in theatre, cinema, and classrooms, Macbeth tells a story about how ruthless ambition leads to destruction. Admitting a story is a staple and classic of stage and literature begs the questions of why make it again, and why make it now. A work becomes a classic or a staple largely because of the timelessness and universality of its themes. There is always a time to tell these universal stories, and there is always a perspective unique to each director.

Don Quixote has become a story synonymous with failed film projects. Somehow, in the course of development and preproduction, directors often acquire their own Don Quixote personality and grow the film into an overly ambitious epic. The ironies faced with our production of Macbeth are discovering how to tell a story about ambition without it becoming too ambitious, finding the place where ambition meet vision, and ensuring the desire to make something special births something stumbling on its own two feet.

In considering reference films and filmmaking technique, inspiration is being sought in 1970s cinema, an era where filmmakers were experimenting, giving voice to new ideas, and held in constraint to lower production budgets and mechanical effects. Without the aid of modern computer graphics, filmmakers had to tell stories in simple methods using the limited physical resources around them. Our goal will be the same.

Our Macbeth will be one that explores the depth of the human struggle, the palace intrigue, the supernatural world, and the horrors man can commit. This is not a film that will feast on the grand armies of Scotland and England. This will not be a film of sweeping battle sequences and global tumult. Instead, this is a Macbeth about the corruptible hearts of men, the betrayals of trust, the integrity needed in leadership, and the need to act when evil comes into the home.



Watch Me is a noir about a tarnished detective who must expose a chain of murderers before he gets dragged into the web himself.  Thomas Mallory is a big-city detective, demoted to a small town after a series of scandalous incidents. He needs to solve a big case to begin earning his way home. A dead college student starts Mallory on an investigation which uncovers a centuries-old society of killers now dwelling in the small college town. Mallory must expose and stop the killers before he becomes the next victim, or killer.  He was always one step behind the bad guys; now to stop the bad guys, he has to become one.

Charlie Wicklin and the Hit List
  is a romantic comedy about an all-star athlete who loses his game and faces the unfinished things in his life, including the girl who got away.  

Hipp and Edgy
(a teen comedy with a fantasy twist) is planned for a summer 2020 production.  Gabriel Reiter is producing.


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