MACBETH — Now Casting

We have received some noteworthy submissions for these roles: we simply want to read a few more actors before he coming to final casting decisions.

If you have submitted for one of these roles in the past, we have your information on file.  DO NOT RE-SUBMIT.



*Feature-length Film adapted from William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”

Production Start Date: July 2017
Production Location: Northeast Georgia Area

Storyline: A Scottish noble ascends to the throne by a series of murders.
Film Format: HD Video



MACBETH 35-45, Caucasian. A lord of Scotland; Macbeth is a brilliant tactician and war veteran.  He loves his brothers-in-arms and believes hard work and dedication should be rewarded rightly. Beard preferred.
MACDUFF 30-45, Caucasian. A contemporary of Macbeth’s.  Macduff is the Thane of Fife in the south.  He is a fit and accomplished war hero and a man of thought and sense.  He values his family as much as his country.
AITZIBER 18-25, Any ethnicity. One of three witches, Aitziber possesses power over the element of fire.  She is fiercely striking in appearance and direct in her demeanor; however, when conditions are not favorable to her, she can been aloof.
Natural red-head preferred.
REQUIRED NUDITY.  (full & partial)
CAELESTIS 18-25, Any ethnicity. The tallest of three witches, Caelestis possesses power over the element of air. She carries herself with a certain distance over this world, yet maintains a certain maternal care.  Her hair always appears to flow in the wind.
Blonde hair preferred.
REQUIRED NUDITY.  (full & partial)
DALLAS 18-25, Any ethnicity. One of three witches, Dallas possesses power over the element of water.  She always looks wet and often carries herself in a melancholy state.  Her vengeance, however, is swift and damaging. 
REQUIRED NUDITY.  (full & partial)
LENNOX 23-35, Caucasian.  Lennox is a noble woman who is better with her sword than politics, although she understands well the mechinations of it.  She is a respected part of the royal court and a strong young leader on the battlefield; a lean Celtic warrior.
Preferably 5’8″ or taller.
ANGUS 30s, Caucasian.  Sidekick to Ross.  Angus is a larger, serious man.  Not to be crossed or challenged.  He laughs . . . sometimes. Brawny and intimidating.
DONALBAIN 20s, Caucasian. The younger son of Duncan.  A little in his brother’s shadow, a little free-spirited, Donalbain enjoys the princely life without the responsibility of being next in line to be king. Lean of build.
FLEANCE 10-14, Any ethnicity. Banquo’s son and squire.
SIWARD 40-50, Caucasian. An elder noble of English blood.  He aids Malcolm’s rebellious attempt to take the throne from Macbeth.
SEYTON 30-45, Caucasian. A wily member of Macbeth’s household staff.
CAPTAIN 40s, Any ethnicity. A leader fresh from the front lines bring an urgent message to the king. 
MESSENGER 40s, Caucasian. A servant of Macbeth.  Grovels with him and his wife as they rise from lord to royalty. 
PORTER 40-65, Caucasian. A drunkard who keeps the castle door. 
SERVANT 25-40, Caucasian. He is a humble and loyal member of Macbeth’s household staff.
ARMED SOLDIER APPARITION 25-40, Caucasian. The haunting ghost of a soldier.

Audition Schedule: Auditions will be held in mid-June in either the Oakwood or Athens area. Details will be made known to fitting candidates.  Self-tapes are a possibility depending on the role.

COMPENSATION: Deferred wages, meals provided, and a copy of the film for the actor’s reel.

For consideration, please send the following information to Madeleine Pearson, Casting Director, at

-Reel or Clip of previous work
-Measurements (Women: bust/waist/height/shoe. Men: chest/waist/height/shoe)
-Your General Location (Atlanta local, Oakwood local, etc.)
-Your experience (if any) with Shakespearian acting

**Please enter the CHARACTER NAME you wish to be considered for in the Subject Line.**

ONLY Non-SAG or SAG-Eligible actors need apply.

An additional casting call for secondary/supporting roles will be posted in the near future.

Please direct further questions to either the above email address, or to